Charlie Harless

I am a lover of living intentionally, experiential learning, and global thinking. An academic interdisciplinarian, I have degrees in Human Biology, Social Work, Ethics, Spanish Language, and recently a Master Degree in Global Public Health.

I earned my chops in photography as a photojournalist, and in post-processing as a photo-editor, in 2011 when I worked for a local daily newspaper for 1 year. Since then I have continued local freelance work, but have primarily focused on my true passion – travel photography.

Forever hungry for novel experiences, and permanently thirsty for caffeine, I inevitably fall in love with every place I visit. It is my ongoing goal to belay all preconceived notions and enter each new place and community only wanting to learn and understand something new.

Ask me about my personal beliefs and philosophies – they are dynamic and constantly evolving. I find I spend a lot of time in silent introspective thought, and so the lone pace of landscape photography is particularly satisfying. At the same time, conversation of any kind is my favorite.

I am a talker, a listener, a thinker, an arguer, a lover, an explorer.

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